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New triple combination of products based on natural substances

A new triple combination of psoriasis treatment products based on natural substances was introduced to Czech dermatologists on Tuesday. These products are already available in pharmacies and you can buy them over the counter with no prescription needed. This triple combination of products was tested at two skin clinics in Prague. A significant improvement, 70–80 % on average, was achieved.

Professor MUDr. Jana Hercogova, head of the Dermato-Venereology Clinic at the University Hospital Na Bulovce in Prague, where these products were tested, says that this is a promising method involving no corticosteroids. “At the beginning I was not very open to this triple combination of products because they contain only natural substances – extracts from herbs, oils and fruit acids. The results showed that this Australian product would be a great benefit to patients” - said Hercogova. The three parts of the set - the skin care gel, skin care cream and skin care oil - have to be used in combination and the monthly cost is about two thousand Czech crowns depending on the severity of the disease.

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Dear Patients, we would like to let you know that in the process of rebranding we decided to change our former brand name (DR MICHAELS) to a new more suitable name SORATINEX for the new market launches of this revolutionary product. Therefore whenever you come across a reference to DR MICHAELS, then please always remember: SORATINEX is DR MICHAELS – it is just the name that has changed, nothing else. The two products are exactly the same in terms of ingredients and manufacturing. Both are made by Dr. Michael Tirant, Australia. We hope this will not cause any confusion, and that you will appreciate and like our new brand name and design.

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