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I suffered from psoriasis, now I am fine

During the past two months I have got rid of the psoriasis on my face (after 2 weeks) and on my scalp (after 3 weeks the affected areas on my head were hard to recognize, they healed little by little). There are still some affected areas left, but these are odds and ends compared to how it was at the beginning. And I am still not yet done with the whole treatment. And what is so strange about this? All these improvements were achieved by products made of plant extracts and oils, therefore purely natural, with no hormones or corticosteroids. They are Australian products called Dr Michaels and you can buy them over the counter in any pharmacy.

I have tried many products – respectively, my doctors have tried a lot on me, but with only a little help. Many times I felt like a "guinea-pig". The next experiment was going to be mine.

I searched for information about the success rate and safety of St Michaels products. The success rate during the clinical tests at the University Hospital Na Bulovce in Prague was high, 70 % of patients healed completely. The products helped 90 % of patients who were under the care of Professor Novotny. I also spoke with Professor Jana Hercogova, the head of the Dermato-venereological clinic at University Hospital Na Bulovce, who confirmed that these products produced no side effects and that they use them successfully on patients with chronic psoriasis.

Abroad, the success rates are approximately the same, unprecedented for psoriasis treatment. Dermatologists in Austria did not believe that such a fast-acting, successful and long-lasting effect could be achieved without the use of hormones, so their Ministry of Health ordered an analysis of the products. The Ministry tested the products for 104 types of corticosteroids – and they did not find a trace of any. Patients can remain without symptoms for half a year, even a year - this may vary from patient to patient depending on their stress level, health condition, alcohol intake, etc. Clinical tests from abroad have shown that this treatment has no effect at all on only about 10 % patients which is a very good result for psoriasis. Included in this number are also people who became ill during the clinical testing (immune disorders cause psoriasis).

The significance of creating these products has also been proven by this year’s nomination of their producer, Dr. Michael Tirant, an Australian dermatologist, for the American award The Greatest Mind of the 21st Century.

In reality, it is a triple combination of Skin Care Gel (after rinsing your skin with water you apply the gel, leave it on the affected areas for 10 minutes and then rinse it off), Skin Care Cream (after you dab your skin dry with a towel, you apply the cream on the affected areas) and Skin Care Oil (you gently apply this after 3–5 minutes). You use all these products on your body as well as on your scalp.

This treatment is challenging from two perspectives – each procedure takes up about 45 minutes to an hour and should be executed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening (so the healing process can start promptly and the substances keep working on the affected areas). The second one is the price. One set of products costs about 2,000 CZK, without any contribution from the insurance companies (Dr Michaels products are not registered as medication, they are available in pharmacies over the counter, you just need to place an order). According to the manufacturer, you need to use two to three sets for 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. I used a little bit more, but that is individual, based on the extent of skin lesions. You can save some money if you buy the large container of Skin Care Cream instead of a small one.

Patients should not get discouraged by the burning and itching of the skin, the concomitant effects, which may present at the beginning of the treatment as these should go away after a few days. This happened to me – my face remained red for 14 days, but that passed too. I have always been determined to try anything which would treat my psoriasis, regardless of the cost. I have not yet saved up enough to make a trip to the Dead Sea, but I spent money on these products. The results are worth it. I am content to know that there is something that works.

Author: Ondrej Tichota, 27 years, Melnik


Dear Patients, we would like to let you know that in the process of rebranding we decided to change our former brand name (DR MICHAELS) to a new more suitable name SORATINEX for the new market launches of this revolutionary product. Therefore whenever you come across a reference to DR MICHAELS, then please always remember: SORATINEX is DR MICHAELS – it is just the name that has changed, nothing else. The two products are exactly the same in terms of ingredients and manufacturing. Both are made by Dr. Michael Tirant, Australia. We hope this will not cause any confusion, and that you will appreciate and like our new brand name and design.

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