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Hope for psoriatic patients

Up to 5 % of Slovak families and their family members know it very well – small or bigger red spots covered with flakes that are impossible to get rid of. Or small "snow flakes" on the scalp... This is what psoriasis symptoms can also look like. The treatment is neither easy nor cheap. In many cases psoriasis is treated by substances that are very invasive for the human body. Finally, even in Slovakia we have this natural cosmetic that is absolutely safe and without any negative side effects. The effectiveness of SORATINEX (Dr Michaels) products, doctors claim, is up to 82 %!

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is chronic inflammatory skin disease which affects up to 5 % of the population. It falls into the group of auto-immune skin diseases. Unfortunately, up till now we do not know what really causes this disease. "Sometimes even a banal infection can be the trigger – a sore throat, a bad tooth, but stress is a strong factor. And then the disease can hit in full strength. It can appear any time, however, it starts mainly in between 15–25 years of age. Psoriasis can appear in various forms – from small individual dots to big "maps" covering large areas of the body", says MUDr. Hana Zelenkova, PhD., Head Physician of the Dermatology- Cypridology Clinic of Sanatorium in Svidnik.


The treatment of psoriasis is neither easy nor cheap and requires a daily routine and also psychological and psycho-sociological programme. The basic treatment requires application of medicine locally and also includes phototherapy, spa treatment, various dietary programmes and sea treatment. It is wise to reconsider systematic treatment – corticosteroids, retinoids or biological treatment can seriously influence a psoriatic patient’s body. According to the most recent studies the more effective and, more importantly, cheaper option are the revolutionary products called Dr Michaels. After five years of testing these products in the Czech Republic they finally appear also in Slovakia. The products were developed by Australian Dr. Tirant and his medical team. The product line by the name SORATINEX (Dr Michaels) contains a Skin Care Gel, Skin Care Cream and Skin Care Oil. The effectiveness of these products has been tested in many clinical studies in different European countries. The results are, overall, identical and positive. The combined use of all three products can positively influence the skin condition of a psoriatic patient and can prolong the recurrence period," explains MUDr. Zelenkova.

The substances positively influence the peeling of skin flakes, make skin softer and even out the skin surface. They help to eliminate itching, dry skin and also prevent from having new skin flakes, especially on the trunk and in the scalp. You can see the first results within 6–8 weeks, if using all three products 2 times a day. "The clinical studies proved over an 80 % success ratio with these products. More importantly, it lasts. Psoriasis is an incurable disease, but the recurrence ratio is only about 20 % in comparison to the original area of psoriatic skin ", says Prof. MUDr. Jana Hercogova, CSc., the Head Physician of the Dermatology-Cypridology Clinic of Na Bulovce Medical Faculty Hospital in Prague.

The combination of three products – Skin Gel, Skin Cream and Skin Oil is very effective even in chronic forms of psoriasis. One of the well-recognized Czech dermatologists, Prof. Frantisek Novotny from the Prague Dermatology Centre Pro Sanum has tried SORATINEX (Dr Michaels) products on 130 patients with chronic psoriasis in his practice. "Their biggest advantage is that they do not contain corticosteroids, takacitol and calcipotriol, which has even been proven by repeated tests by the Austrian Ministry of Health. SORATINEX (Dr Michaels products) are based only on natural components and therefore they are suitable even for children and breast-feeding women", he says, and continues: "The effectiveness of SORATINEX (Dr Michaels) products reaches up to an unbelievable 93.8 % with my patients that suffer chronic forms of psoriasis. I definitely recommend their use in regular dermatological practice".

SORATINEX (Dr Michaels) products are not covered by insurance so far, however, it is possible to buy them in Slovak pharmacies. Negotiations with insurance companies are ongoing. You can support these extremely effective and safe natural products online on



Dear Patients, we would like to let you know that in the process of rebranding we decided to change our former brand name (DR MICHAELS) to a new more suitable name SORATINEX for the new market launches of this revolutionary product. Therefore whenever you come across a reference to DR MICHAELS, then please always remember: SORATINEX is DR MICHAELS – it is just the name that has changed, nothing else. The two products are exactly the same in terms of ingredients and manufacturing. Both are made by Dr. Michael Tirant, Australia. We hope this will not cause any confusion, and that you will appreciate and like our new brand name and design.

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