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Psoriasis and Skin Clinic, Melbourne, Australia


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Your skin is unique and should be treated that way.

While an 'over the counter' cream may give you some relief, the best long-term treatment for your skin is a customised solution. We take a holistic approach and develop a personalised treatment protocol for YOU.


Address the triggers AND treat the symptoms.

Like many sufferers you may have become frustrated with years of traditional psoriasis, eczema and acne treatments that provide temporary relief but do not offer a long-term solution for your affliction. We assist you in not only helping to relieve the physical symptoms, but also to identify and address the triggers that contribute to your ongoing condition.

Through a combination of treating your current symptoms and addressing the triggers, FRANKL Pharma Europe Ltd gives you access to Dr Michael Tirant's long-term treatment solution. This is what makes him and his treatment protocols unique. His treatment protocols have been shown to be 90% effective in clinical trials.

Dr Tirant is the founder of the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in Melbourne, Australia, and the inventor developer of Dr Michaels (Soratinex) products.

With the cooperation of Dr Michael Tirant (Psoriasis and Skin Clinic), we offer the highest level of professional care to help you to manage your skin condition. To ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your particular condition, a consultation is required.


Five simple steps

Our service is based on a five-step plan:


Please, request the online consultation form


  1. PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM and send it to the following address:

  2. Dr. Michael Tirant reviews your history and identify the primary trigger that initiated your condition.

  3. Dr. Michael Tirant identifies the secondary triggers that continue to exacerbate your condition.

  4. Dr. Michael Tirant develops a customised treatment plan to get your condition under control NOW.

  5. Dr. Michael Tirant provides you with a plan that treats your symptoms and targets your triggers to help you achieve long term remission.


Quick and convenient

Because we recognise that you want to see results as soon as possible, we can usually answer your online form within 5 days of contacting us.
During your initial consultation, Dr Tirant will decide with you the course and frequency of treatment and review consultations.
Ongoing support
Your treatment will be reviewed and adjusted each time you consult with Dr Tirant. This is to ensure you continue to receive the most applicable treatment as your condition improves or if your symptoms change. Many of our patients are able to move into a 'maintenance mode' where they only need to consult with Dr Tirant at six-month intervals.



25 years of experiences

Unique 3-step treatment of psoriasis

STEPSkin Care GelRemoves dry flakes, smoothes the skin and facilitate penetration of the cream.
STEPSkin Care CreamIt helps suppress inflammation.
STEPSkin Care OilMoisturizes and forms a
protective layer, increases the efficiency of the cream.


Dear Patients, we would like to let you know that in the process of rebranding we decided to change our former brand name (DR MICHAELS) to a new more suitable name SORATINEX for the new market launches of this revolutionary product. Therefore whenever you come across a reference to DR MICHAELS, then please always remember: SORATINEX is DR MICHAELS – it is just the name that has changed, nothing else. The two products are exactly the same in terms of ingredients and manufacturing. Both are made by Dr. Michael Tirant, Australia. We hope this will not cause any confusion, and that you will appreciate and like our new brand name and design.

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